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October 11, 2012
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DShou's OC - Shooting Star : Bio + Color Guide by DShou DShou's OC - Shooting Star : Bio + Color Guide by DShou

Sorry for the DevUpdate/Mention but I'm changing around the descriptions for my OCs.

Yea I know that reference drawing is really out-dated - I still haven't gotten around to fixing the right side with proper references yet.

Click here to see my drawings of my OCs :…
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Cutie Mark by :iconlekadema:=lekadema -
BBBFF Model by :iconlekadema:=lekadema -

A SFW Character - Permission must be granted (you may not request) for NSFW artworks of her.

This is a dynamic OC design - her traits and personalities evolve over time.

This is an extended Ponysona design - she's not me, but she is like how I wish to be in some ways.

She is of three of my main OCs. The other two are Violet Petal and Plum.

Following bio. is based on "present time", some traits and statistics may differ between her and her past/future self.


Current Name
Shooting Star

The name has been decided based on her mother's name and follows the theme of stars in contrast to the sword theme from the male side of her family. The star theme originates from her ancestor's connection to nature and it is rumored that the star family theme existed all the way to when the pegasi raised the stars to the skies.




April 22nd

Note : This is the recorded date of when the first drawing of her was made.


Age Group/Size
Young Adult (~19 yo)

She is slightly shorter than average pony height.

Average would be the common size seen in the MLP:FiM show such as for the Mane6 and such.


Pony Type

While a Pegasus, she also has a small mix of Earth pony genetics.


Near Spirit Lake

Spirit Lake Sketch

Spirit Lake is a small area located a few miles within the coast of Shooting's home continent. This continent is located to the west across the ocean from Equestria and those who live on this continent focus more on connections with nature while Equestria begins to advance and modernize otherwise.


Current Residence
North Ponyville

House Sketch

Just within Ponyville enough to see the town but far enough to have a peaceful area to itself. Shooting's home is designed differently from those in Ponyville, using tile roofing instead and has an elevated wooden platform surrounding most of the perimeter of the house for sitting outside. It's two floors high and the house is comparable to an average suburban house. The main floor is mainly where Shooting receives and works on her jobs while the second is where most of the necessary room are located.


In Ponyville - Freelance Part-Time Worker
As a pony who finds her talent to simply demonstrate dexterity, and as well she much prefers getting multiple jobs instead of a single job, her method of approach this way works out the best. Activities tend to range from simply requiring an assistant, to have a role filled in, and more. There have been rather strange requests however from time to time.

At Spirit Lake - Spirit Whisperer
Shooting's mother helps communicate and take care of the spirit of Spirit Lake. Spirit Lake is well-known as a location that could calm the souls of any nearby and so by caring for the spirit, this magic may then be preserved. Shooting has learned how to communicate with the spirit, despite having moved on to a different life, but will display her ability whenever she visits back.


Cutie Mark
Two Arrows (of the Bow and Arrow variant)

Representing mastery of the sport of archery but as well to represent her high level of dexterity.


General Personality Traits
When comfortable around others, Shooting tends to act more mischievous and teases those around her. This gets her into trouble on occasion as she acts up a bit more than usual, and as well may lead to awkward/embarrassing situations (not at all aided when Shooting does not completely understand why sometimes). Although she may act on her own whim and seemingly take advantage of her friendship sometimes, she greatly appreciates the company of those who stick around.

When around acquaintances or strangers, Shooting can easily act more maturely and is very respective of others as she was raised as such when she was younger back on her home continent. Whenever convenient, Shooting tries to lend a hoof to anypony in need of it, although if she can't, she may end up ignoring them as she doesn't like to get involved with what she can't help in. However, if the hostility of who she meets is persistent, Shooting eventually demonstrates her anger in action if they're not careful. There's a level of sadism behind her actions, but this rarely occurs.

In extension of this sadism, Shooting has a tendency to favor the more psychotic mind of thinking when she's having either a bad or dominating mood. She's well aware of this however and still has relative self-control over her actions when she's like this. Nevertheless, it's still best not to mess with her while she's like this.

She is rather innocent in mind, and does not go any farther than the idea of a genuine romantic couple. She can however discuss topics related to 18+ content and such maturely no matter who is part of the discussion such as with relatives. She does get some odd tips from Violet Petal over time however on how to best approach it all however.


Relationship Status
Engaged with Broken Dawn (~DarkMage2's OC)

Orientation : Bisexual, stallions preferred however


Shooting Star has a mother and father who live back in her home continent. Her mother Bright Star is a Pegasus who lives back home; Shooting Star occasional visits her from time to time. Her father Sabre is an Earth pony that travels by sea and goes out exploring the world. Shooting has yet to hear from Sabre for a long time so far.

Shooting's brother is named Cutlass who lives in Ponyville as a technician. Recent years have seen a boom in technological advances in Ponyville and Cutlass helps contribute by learning and modifying existing inventions. Shooting sometimes tries out new technology thanks to him, but Shooting prefers to stick with various old-fashioned technology instead.

Shooting has a pet ferret currently being taken care of by Cutlass, she tends to enjoy various cuddling and just simply hanging around. Her ferret tends to make Shooting act much more relaxed when around her, 'though this sometimes leads to Shooting focusing more on playing and petting the ferret than of those around her.

As her current residence is situated in Ponyville, Pinkie Pie is a guaranteed friend, although they don't normally chat unless they meet up by accident.

In recent years, new lands have been discovered, and new ponies have shown up around more (OC ponies of friends). Her relationship with all of them varies and will be discovered more in-depth whenever Shooting's story becomes available.


Outfits & Accessories
The ribbon is worn when Shooting Star was a filly, but she may still wear it when she returns to Spirit Lake. *Update* On occasion, she may also wear it as a normal accessory too.

Hoofwear is only for special occasions and sometimes for business, it goes well with dresses but Shooting tends to wear them by themselves. *Update* Thanks to Violet and friends, Shooting has started getting an actual closet of outfits for occasions now, although still rather limited as she is rather picky.

Leg bands are on the more rarer of occasions but has now been worn lately whenever she wears certain outfits of hers. Shooting's fashion sense generally follows accessories more than clothing overall.

Glasses is generally for business-only. The glasses don't really do anything other than make her look professional and perhaps a bit more attractive/cuter, she's aware that it does indeed have this effect when others see her wear it.

Shooting may carry around a bow and quiver, especially while out exploring. The variety and style may variate as she simply gathers the most convenient bow and quiver she can get, but generally she prefers the traditional-type, slightly modified so that she may hold the bow with her wings.

The outfits she may wear vary on the situation, sometimes she may dress in a tomboyish manner to confuse others but sometimes, although rarely, she may put on a dress or such.


Like Earth ponies, Shooting Star's genetics allows her to control the movement of her tail and as well can use her tail to sweep up small stuff. The drawback is that she is more sensitive to anypony touching her tail. Similarly, her wings have gotten some of this strength of control, which has allowed her to use her wings in a dexterous manner, yet as well the increased sensitivity in her feathers have made it so that she feels noticeably lasting pain from simply having a feather plucked.

The strength in her wings and tail is strong enough to act as a limb, and as such she can support herself with her wings and/or tail.

Her family from her mother's side has been helping and communicating with the spirit at Spirit Lake and as such the language to speak with them has been passed down to Shooting Star. The ability allows her to communicate with various spirits. This ability is not unique and may be passed on to anypony but is nonetheless an ability rarely found in others.

Her flying speed is below-average, despite her dexterity and strength with her wings, she's unable to fly too fast. Instead she at least has better control over turns, and can do tricky movement even within a confined area.

Shooting is raised with traditional items and therefore rarely uses any of the modern technology around her. Although she does not dislike modern items as she uses some for their convenience, she finds traditional and old items more comforting.

Can't swim, despite the fact she lives next to a lake, likes to hang out around ports and that her father's side explores and goes out to sea.

Although she rarely does it or ever wishes to do it around others, Shooting can sing. You can hear her hum a song or two once in a while. She wishes to learn how to play a wind or string instrument, but discovers she's only good with drums, not that she minds however.


The color blue
It's a cute fur-color in her opinion as well.

A nice little dessert, it's one of the first she's ever tried and now Shooting'll go for Flan anytime she can. It's not a common dessert however, so it took a bit of resource-gathering and convincing of Sugarcube Corner to try out some recipe suggestions from her. Shooting isn't a bad cook, but she isn't the best cook either.

Piano/Orchestral music

Summer season
Summer is the time when Shooting goes out exploring and going on trips much more than usual. It's also nice and warm and does not get too chilly during the nights.

Shooting prefers the night, as that is also when the stars are out. Sometimes, Shooting might just go out to simply look at the stars for a while and making various little connections of thoughts.


One of the recent technology invented is guns, although it has been carefully monitored and magically tagged to prevent misuse, it nonetheless strikes some fear in Shooting knowing that there is something that can invite a stronger power than her bow and that it could easily cause damage if it were to ever escape magic tags.

Otherwise, very few, Shooting tends to find the bright-aspect to most things and is rather tolerant. What she is however annoyed at is when someponies agitate her either by being too clingy or not clingy enough. There's as well the general distaste for bad things such as when someone has an un-found hatred towards something or somepony.


When Shooting Star was younger, she was much sweeter and would always help out her mother around the place. There was no nearby school, but it was unneeded as her parents taught her all that she knew. She was nonetheless secluded and was too shy to make any friends for a long time but did not mind really.

Cutlass was around to hang out with Shooting from time-to-time, but he tends to leave off with their father to Equestria instead.

Once Shooting Star learned to fly, she decided to try out various activities based on the objects her parents had. There was many sports and things she could do, but eventually she found herself having an affinity for archery as she quickly learned how to control her wings with finesse and strength.

Growing up, her interest in archery has died out, but she still uses archery from time-to-time especially when exploring in case.

Shooting Star is an OC designed by :icondshou:=DShou

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Sil-Forty Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
Good job, yet I have one question: why would you need to write down literaly every aspect of her personality? Or do all cute yellow pegasi pony mares with reddish shade of mane and green eyes tend to have such a precise description? (no, seriously, one of my internet-acquaintances, :iconkirillk:, has a OC named Wheaty Wings which looks pretty much like your Shooting Star and also has a detailed info about herself, yet there is a reason for it as she is a RP character)
DShou Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
It's a gradual development, plus I much prefer to know that my main OC isn't a simple character. I don't expect everyone to remember every detail, but if they (or myself) need to double check a certain detail about her, then it's written here.

I was also planning on getting an ask-tumblr for her set-up too (even 'though most of these details won't apply to tumblr!Shooting yet), which I've only just finally got around to a few days ago - the information I keep adding here is a good guideline for myself of her, again I gotta keep things written since I apparently forget things about her myself quite a bit.
Sil-Forty Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
Ah, I see. I might also need such a reminder - I tend to forget things quite often...
StopShot Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013

I must say I really enjoyed reading about your OC, and I can see all the effort put into creating that bio reflects back on how well you've drawn your OC over the year. I like the creativity and the idea of having an OC seems really fun after reading from yours, so much so that I think if I had my own it may motivate me better to draw more frequently. In fact, I'm sure its been half a year since I first gave serious thought to having one, and I think now might be a better time than ever.


I've had rough sketches and a few ideas thrown here and there over that time, but I need something to help wrap it all up. Would it be alright if I took your Bio's organized structure? By that I mean how you list occupation, residence, personality, but instead I fill it with my own bio made completely of my ideas for an OC. Organization is something I fail miserably at and I wouldn't want to make an OC with jumbled facts here and there. It just wouldn't be as engaging. Is it alright if I use your structure, but fill it with my own content?

DShou Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Can't copyright organization after all! That's fine and yes of course =3

Glad ya like her bio also x3
StopShot Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013

Thank you, and I think you have an excellent Bio! I'm afraid mine won't be so appealing. I plan on making up a practice OC, just to get a know of what its like, before making an official one. I think it would be easier to avoid serious mistakes on my official that way, and if the first isn't too bad I might keep it around for inspiration and drawing practice.


And thanks again. I'm sure I will be able to complete this in a much faster time now! :)

Jezendar Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not really sure which version is the better one. On one hand, having the colors set up in a grid-like manner makes the ref picture look more professional and organized, but on the other hand, having all of the colors on one side makes it look much more cluttered.

I'm not sure when I last actually read through the full bio, as there are several bits of info here that are new to me despite not being marked with *update*. For example, I knew she could manipulate things with her tail, but I didn't know that her tail is strong enough to support her own weight. I now have this image in my head of Shooting Star balancing on her tail in a Tigger-like manner, which I may very well draw at some point!
DShou Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
The balancing was one small thing I noticed, it'll be hard to judge until I complete the right side 'though whether I should do it horizontally or vertically split

Oh right, made some hidden updates occasionally a while ago, don't remember which was new stuff or not, but yes indeedy she's got the tail strength!

Thank Earth pony geneticsss
DarkGrievous7945 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
a significant improvement over the last time I've seen this...NIIIICE

once again, i feel compelled to say: "keep up the great work!"
Iamtranzilla Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
much better than before..
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