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July 13, 2012
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MLP : The Parallel Elements - Title Screen by DShou MLP : The Parallel Elements - Title Screen by DShou
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(My first time drawing Applejack)

It's not a crossover/parody, it's my own designs! Just saying . . . !

Check out my latest journal entries for info about the RPG plans.

= = = = = = = = = =

I am not satisfied with this 'though xD

Even better, apparently I was abusing Paint Tool SAI to the point of crashing the poor thing, I saved this JPG but I didn't save the SAI file. Thankfully the SAI file I did save has at least the colored characters, it's the background that I'm not satisfied with so yea.

'Cause of that, I'll probably have to re-make it if I get the game a bit more completed.

The wings are hidden on both pegasus (Rainbow's laying more to the side if you can't imagine that, 'though to be honest I did forget to think about them . . . ! But thanks to that issue above, couldn't fix it anyways!

1.5k pageviews, wuu.

Started working on this for MLP-ATG-Alumni's Week 55 Theme "A pony ready for action". These ponies are ready for adventure, which is action, after all so yea!

I might not submit every week after this 'though because of this project.

This drawing got included in EqD's Drawfriend (#503) Entry #18 - [link] and I didn't even submit it myself this time =D

- - - - - - - - - -

Art posted 9P.M.EST 7-13-12

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Alright now that I have fully revealed the designs of each character, time to give a short summary of each of them!

Twilight Sparkle - Elementalist
Weapon : Spellbooks (Obtained first one from meeting the Skill Teacher)
Utilizes Fire, Ice and Lightning. However she is also able to access her old abilities of non-elemental bolts, shields, teleportation and levitation.
Specialty - Dealing with elemental-weak enemies and countering magic-type enemies.

Pinkie Pie - Adventurer
Weapon : Battle Hammer (Found on the ground)
As an earth pony, her strength and agility is incredible. She also takes advantage of combos and gadgets such as her party cannon! She doesn't just fight 'though, she can act as the team's morale booster with her songs!
Specialty - Stunning and dazing enemies and keeping the team strong.

Applejack - Warrior
Weapon : Metal Hoof Shoes (Made from weapon store)
No matter where she goes, her bucking legs will always come through for her. She works as the power hitter of the team!
Specialty - Strongest melee-hitter, with the highest health and able to counter melee-type enemies.

Rainbow Dash - Manipulator
Weapon : Clouds (Gathered)
Her abilities have allowed her to gain control over clouds and therefore has the ability to deal with multiple enemies at once even on simple attacks! She's also able to manipulate the field to the team's advantage and is the quickest for light attacks!
Speciality - AoE and changing the style of play based on enemies being faced.

Rarity - Dark Mage
Weapon : Staff (Obtained from the skill teacher)
After dealing with what the mane6 have never seen before, Rarity gains access to magic not known to any of the 6. She's able to buff and debuff, as well as be the magic power hitter. If she's unable to use her magic, her physical attacks still come in perfectly fine!
Specialty - Special buffs and debuffing enemies, able to survive most enemy techniques.

Fluttershy - Healer
Weapon : Animal Crystals (Gained from an animal pact)
Possibly the most important character, she'll be able to heal, remove status effects, summon protection and more. Her attacks themselves may not be the best, but her animal friends aren't something you want to mess with.
Specialty - Being the only thing keeping you from getting a game-over later. Unless you eat apples faster than Jappleack or something to keep your health up.

= = = = = = = = = =

Want me to keep drawing? Then comment please! Or share? A fave is awesome too!
I'd love to reply to everyone but I can only think of so much to say . . . ! So universally to favers and positive commenters, thank you for your kindness!

= = = = = = = = = =

My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic series and characters belongs to the Hub & Hasbro

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