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'allo 'allo, here's a quick shout out to all the participants - Thank you so much for entering my contest!

Hope y'all had fun creating your entries, it's great seeing the variety of art styles that each person has.

Hoo boy, I had to scavenger hunt quite a few people this time around - maybe the Dropbox File Request system isn't all that good lol

Let's get some technical stuff before I announce the winners:
  • I will be contacting winners within 24 hours of posting this journal. In the event that I don't receive a response within a week, a new winner will be selected instead.
  • Grand prize winner will be asked to choose between the two prize options on offer (a PayPal account is required for the $100 USD transaction).
  • Not all contact info may be advertised for these artists for a variety of reasons.
Beyond that, let's finally take a moment to enjoy the winning entries!




Another Successful Trade
Another Successful Trade by Krezzii

Congratulations on being chosen for the Quality Category's prize!

The subtle lighting and reflective details - combined with the soft art style accentuated by the soft shadows and highlights - definitely help this entry stand out quite a bit from the rest.

For winning this category, you'll receive -
  • A 1 Character Commission (1000px Minimum, Simple/Moderately-Detailed BG)
Contact me to redeem your prize and for more details!




Destruction Can Cause Creation
Destruction Can Cause Creation by itsjaytimestwo

Congratulations on being chosen for the Creative Category's prize!

Taking her theme as a blacksmith yet destruction, and combining them into an element of creation - the force demonstrated by her pose and the object's shards really help sell this idea!

For winning this category, you'll receive -
  • A 1 Character Commission (1000px Minimum, Simple/Moderately-Detailed BG)
Contact me to redeem your prize and for more details!




Aegiale by MomoMistress

Congratulations on being chosen for the Grand Prize! Star Happy 50 by DShou

Immediately, it's obvious a lot of work went into this drawing. Lines are clean, consistent lighting mood, pose is great, and so on. The orange reflective lighting and highlights emphasize the attention to detail too!

As Grand Prize Winner, you'll receive a choice between -

  • $100 USD (PayPal) + One Character Commission (1000px Minimum, Simple BG/Moderately-Detailed BG)
  • 1-2 Character Print-Sized (13 x 19in. 300dpi) Commission + Complex Background
Contact me to redeem your prize and for more details!

Congratulations again to you three! And again, thank you to everyone again for entering the contest <3

We've hit 19 total entries for this contest around (1 Ilana, 7 Shakarri, 5 Alcyone and 6 Aegiale) by the way, looks like Ilana will need more work to gain some fans . . . !

By the way, while we weren't able to meet any of the milestones I've set, this is still a great amount of participants! Thank you all again, I wish you all a happy future!

I will be working on a promo for the rest of the entries (that have been uploaded publicly) over the upcoming week too so stay tuned for that!


DShou's Profile Picture
United States


DShou here, or Shou for short! (It's pronounced like "Show" by the way!)

About Me

I'm an Artist who currently draws Fan-art as well as many Original Characters. I'm aiming to someday work in art as a full-time job, and I will continue to work forward with that goal in mind!

I began learning to draw from the days I was just a little kid doing finger painting in class, but I didn't take learning to draw seriously until around 2012. Many mistakes and failures have nearly dissuaded me from drawing - but I've learned a lot thanks to everyone, and I've learned to continue forward, make friends, draw better everyday, and even improve various other aspects of my life in the process! Drawing is not only fun for me, but it has done for me so much to let me be who I am today.

Not only will you see me get some drawings done from time to time, but I'm always ready to try and create more new exciting projects with the help of friends and fans too! We go through failures, but in return we're met with amazing successes! Come along and join me in the wild ride~

You'll see my other profile links and Discord Servers below, go check them out!


After numerous delays, we finally got around to opening the store page, with products from myself and kawaiipony2

For the time-being we only have leftover stock of some charms, so not all of it is available. Stay tuned as we will announce when we restock/add products to the store page.

Btw, we greatly appreciate feedback since it’s our first time. Contact us at any point if you have any issues as well and we’ll do our best to help ya out.
I've made a more personal Discord Server, for anyone who wants to follow my work more up-to-date/live and not much else. I'll be posting updates, arts/wips, fanart, etc.
About 9 days left for the contest!

I've had a few people tell me they ended up missing the deadline last time I held a contest - so if you're interested in participatin' then don't wait 'til the last minute!

Remind me that I haven’t done much interactive/communication kinda stuff much lately. Haven’t really felt like I’ve been much in touch basically. I don’t know if y’all know me much, and I don’t know if ya guise are interested in my current works and all much.

D’ya guise have any idea how I can improve on this?


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Ise-no-Kami Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Hey there. Pretty sure I've mentioned before that I've updated your old RPG Maker pony base for MV...and since made original battler bases. I've just finished another original base (well, minus the heads) for the down sprites. I was hoping to get your opinion on it, mainly for the quality of the spritework.:
Down Pony Base by Ise-no-Kami
DShou Featured By Owner 4 days ago
er well I don't really dabble in the rpg maker pixel art stuff anymore aha ' so I can't really give much a proper opinion, at least not a helpful one
Jawcravescookie Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017
Do you have youtube?
DShou Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017
Partyninja88 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2017
will you take a MLP request?
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